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Machining Capacity

With our policy of continual investment you can be sure your parts are being produced using the very latest efficiencies in machine tool technology.
CNC 5 Axis Milling
40 pallet 5 axis with robot loading
CNC Vertical Milling
CNC twin pallet vertical machining X = 1.1m Y = 600mm Z = 700mm
CNC Horizontal Milling
4 axis CNC twin pallet horizontal machining X = 1050mm, Y = 800mm, Z = 880mm
CNC Mill/Turn
CNC mill/turning twin spindle with ‘Y’ axis X = 250, Y=+/- 75, Z = 250mm
CNC Turning
1m between centres,  250 diameter
CNC Swiss Turning with milling
Up to 20mm diameter
CNC Surface Grinding
4 axis CNC (creep feed) surface grinding X = 1.2m, Y = 600mm, Z = 600mm (rack, gear, spline and surface grinding)

CNC Cylindrical Grinder
CNC cylindrical grinding X 300, Z = 1m (out-of-round and thread grinding)
CNC cylindrical grinding X = 450mm, Z = 1m (high speed out-of-round and thread grinding, Cam grinding)
CNC Honing
Up to 1m long x 40mm diameter
CNC Wire Erosion
CNC 5 axis wire EDM X = 1.2m, Y = 700mm, Z = 400 (+/ -30 degrees) 4 Axis
CNC Spark erosion
With robot loader from 24 hour unmanned production 40 pallet
CNC Laser 5 Axis Engraving and Marking
Capable of complex engraved designs or simple part marking
3 Dimensional part scanning
500 x 500 x 700mm

Our  CNC CMM can be configured according to measurements and is ideally suited to perform a wide variety of metrology operations. The machine is equipped with touch-trigger probes, for efficient single-point measurements on prismatic elements, and analog scanning probes that support high accuracy scanning operations on complex contoured shapes.

It has a fixed scanning head, ideal for high-accuracy form error measurements and CLIMA structural thermal compensation extends its  performance to a wide temperature range.

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